BBL PARTICIPANT: Koketso Thulare, Relebogile Education Centre, Masobe, Gauteng

In a Nutshell

Through her participation in SocioTech’s Broad-Based Livelihoods (BBL) strategies to stimulate personal economic activity, Koketso Thulare from Masobe near Rust de Winter has been inspired to further education and follow her dreams. She has realised that to be more you have to do more and she is eager to continue building a bright future for herself. 

She says…

Koketso Tulare

I am a level 4 student doing computers at the Relebogile Education Centre. I like this place much more than school. At school they were strict but not that informative. Here, they are less strict and more open. Thanks to what I have learnt here, I am inspired to try and go on to college to do IT. I think it could help me on my way to a better life.

I was recently introduced to the BBL MyFuture training programme. This teaching method reminds us that we must all invite God into our lives and think carefully about the talents He has given us.

The MyFuture teachers tell us that we must budget carefully, buy only what we need and create side hustles to get money that we can then save. They showed us that even a little step forward is important, and that each step gets you closer to a better future.

Before I did the MyFuture training, I knew that other people had side hustles and made money, but I hadn’t thought that I could do it. I didn’t really understand how making money works. Now I see that I can do stuff like that.

"...each step gets you closer to a better future..."

"...I want to do more and be better.."

I have a plan. I am saving up to buy a bucket of atchar. I am going to sell that atchar door to door and make a profit. With that profit I am planning to buy a laptop. The laptop will allow me to do research and apply for jobs. I would also like to get a sewing machine. I like designing and sewing dresses. That is my big talent, so, if I can earn money and get a sewing machine, I can grow myself into a person with two side hustles: atchar and sewing.

My hope is that in 5 years-time I will be an IT professional. I know that there are special dress design programmes that you can use on the computer. I am hoping that I might be able to combine my two talents: IT computer work and sewing. Maybe I can be an IT professional who works in the fashion business. I would love that.

Thanks to MyFuture I have a much better sense of how I can change my life. I am beginning to think that I want to do more and be better. This is just the start. If I work hard and stay focused, then my dreams can come true.

Koketso Tulare
Koketso Tulare