Introducing the Schoeman Broad Based Livelihoods Programme

The Schoeman Broad-Based Livelihoods programme (BBL) has empowered many rural communities with sustainable socio-economic development options. The BBL has no barriers to entry, no boundaries to growth, and multiplies productive livelihood opportunities for more and more people.





Please watch our short 4-minute video of the rapidly growing impact of the BBL.

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company.

Partnering with the BBL Programmes

Designed and implemented by SocioTech and Umsizi, The BBL has repeatedly proven to be effective and with your investment, will be able to expand and bring even more meaningful change to local communities and the future of South Africa.

Get involved: If you are interested in partnering with or investing into this dynamite Socio-Economic Development programme, click below, our expert team will be in touch with you.

Nkageleng Tlelima
  • Why you should choose to partner with the BBL?

    The Broad-Based Livelihoods Programmes developed by SocioTech and Umsizi has measurable impact in the development of sustainable livelihoods in the communities where they are working. 

  • Who benefits from the BBL?

    The BBL has no barriers to entry and is accessible to anyone. Impoverished communities across South Africa are currently participating in various BBL Programmes. Many lives and livelihoods has already been touched and our BBL Participants are actively building their own sustainable livelihoods and financial security. 

  • How do people benefit from the BBL?

    The BBL Programmes are developed to help individuals discover practical ways to build their livelihoods. where they are, and using what they have. It is based on the premise of individual initiative and commitment - own effort leads to own success.  With the BBL approach, people discover their personal talents, interests and strengths, and build their dreams accordingly. Never despising small beginnings, every idea counts, and there are no boundaries growth.  As participants learn from the many topics, they are able to scale and grow their talents into thriving businesses and careers, and do their bit to grow a strong second economy.